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Why Join Kids Day

1. It's cheap - forgoing a coffee and donut for one day will pay the $5
2. No overhead - the kids groups get all the money
3. No rules - promote and manage the Casual Day how you want
4. Local choice - you choose who gets the cash
5. Our children - our future

Endorsed by:

1. 7 Corridor Mayors
2. Johnson/Linn County Boards of Supervisors
3. 200+ corridor businesses
4. Fraternal, sports & many other groups
5. 54 Non-profit service providers
6. TV, radio, newspaper & magazine Corridor media
7. Cedar Rapids Kernels
8. Local celebrities
9. 100,000 Kids!


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Kids Day is coordinated by Phelan's Interiors. Please sign up using our Sign Up Form or contact the CGCFK founder, Paul Phelan.
--Communication - Joannie Bruns, Linn Area Credit Union
--Media Relations - Sandi Lafferty, J.W. Morton
--Technical - Larry Crain, WebsitesCR.com
--Social Media - Kayla Phelan, Phelan's Interiors

Today I smiled, I helped a child™

Skip just one latte - you'll make a child's day!
Corridor Goes Casual For Kids!
What does "Corridor Goes Casual For Kids" mean?

kidsIt's a way to wear jeans or other casual clothing to work and support kids without writing a big check. The whole Cedar Rapids - Iowa City Corridor has designated September 1 each year (to be held Sept. 4 in 2015) as the day we Go Casual For Kids! It is an extremely easy way for companies, government entities and all other organizations to help our dedicated local groups that address the many needs of children (and have some fun at the same time!). Read on to see how simple, yet powerful, it is.

How to Participate

It's WAAAY easy!

  1. Designate a Champion to communicate CorridorGoesCasualForKids (Kids Day) to your staff in fun ways, and to manage whatever internal promotions you choose to use
  2. Decide the Kids Day organization you will support, how you will communicate to your staff and how you will handle funds
  3. Tell your staff that Sept. 1 Sept. 4 this year is CorridorGoesCasualForKids (Kids Day) and that they can purchase the right to wear jeans or other casual clothes to the office on September 4 by donating $5 to your selected Kids organization as part of the Corridor-wide effort
  4. Promote it, do it, give it, enjoy it!

(there is a list of event promotion ideas HERE)
(high resolution logos and other downloadable materials HERE)

Official: Seven corridor City Mayors and the Johnson and Linn County Boards of Supervisors have signed Proclamations designating September 1 of each year as Corridor Goes Casual For Kids day!

CGCFK Officially Endorsed by the Cedar Rapids Kernels

News Update

Hundreds of Corridor businesses and other organizations participate in Kids Day! Plan ahead - Kids Day will be September 4 in 2015! SIGN UP!

We have a new CGCFK tag line:
Today I smiled, I helped a child™


WOW! - Kids Day T-shirts! Only $10!!!


Many groups showed support for Kids Day, AND contributed to a local Children's Charity!

They bought t-shirts at Hy-Vee grocery and drug store locations or pre-ordered in bulk.

A huge Thank You to our new Kids Day partner:

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CGCFK Mission: To focus the Eastern Iowa Corridor on the needs of children with an annual fundraising event that maximizes direct-to-the-kids support by emphasizing affordable donations and wide participation while minimizing overhead costs and controls.

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